Why should you involve with BIMcert?

Jewel Changi Airport by Safdie Architects is up allready, and will be running before the end of April, housing nature under the glass and steel dome. Ever more complex facilities are being built, driving us towards the best available tools to handle the design and construction process. Unable to control the nature and human behaviour causing the climate change to accelerate exponentially, we are building habitats that mock the natural elements in most pleasing manner. But we have to do it effectively, managing the building process the best possible way, and here is the reason why BIM and digital construction is irreplaceable.

BIMCert Presentation at BSi BIM Belfast Conference

Barry Neilson (CITB NI’s Chief Executive and BIMCert Project member) presented on the findings and work being developed within the BIMCert project at the British Standards Institute (BSi) hosted conference in Belfast. The conference included a range of presentation from Norman Foster & Partners, Copenhagen Airport, Schiphol Airport and Crossrail. While all other presentations focused on how technology and digital construction is being used to develop “models” of buildings and infrastructure, Mr. Neilson’s presentation focused on people and how digital construction needs to bring people, and in particular those who have to translate design into reality. Using data from the BIMcert survey he highlighted that across the countries within the BIMcert partnership, most engagement remains within the professions in general and the designers in particular. Only in the UK and RoI are we seeing contracting organizations engaging with BIM / Digital Construction to the same extent as the design professions. Continue reading

Mixed reality

How perfectly this blends with BIM and digital construction. In the end, all errors we avoid in planning and preparation phase raise the efficiency of the whole building sector, and this kind of tools are simply helping us visualize all information and share creative process in more palatable form to the final users. Each step we make, is making it simpler and easier to use.

Digital “publishing” of buildings

It will be a year since the airing of the movie on 3D printing of the MX3D steel bridge across the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in Amsterdam, which boh amazed and disturbed me. As mass produced printers lowered the printed media publication costs and resulted in overwhelming quantity of short lived publications, often for a single use, isn’t the same happening with the architecture which is relocating to immense virtual realms of digital existence as online media are? To be “on demand” printed for effemeral purpose, and in the end replaced with augmented reality matching our personal taste within the blunt enclosures fulfilling basic health and safety requirements.