Building Information Modelling has become a key requirement in the built environment, where all relevant information is created and managed through the lifecycle of a construction project and where digital and virtual reality technology can be used to provide information on every aspect of the project.

About the project

BIMcert is a European wide project, funded by The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, aimed at providing a training and qualification scheme for the skills required to support the implementation of BIM across the construction supply chain.

The BIMcert project will develop a blended, fully supported suite of Building Information Modelling training curriculum and tools, which will allow geographically dispersed construction project teams to use technology to enhance information exchange and collaboration. The project will have a particular focus on testing the BIM approaches to green and passive building design to contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency.


The Core Application Partners (CAP) supported by the Technical Advisory Partners (TAP) and the Industrial Advisory Partners (IAP) will work in unison to ensure embedding BIM skills within construction, targeting the entire design chain, material life cycles, energy production/consumption and sustainability


The program content will be developed in a ‘accessible open’ format that will allow middle managers, blue collar workers and other ‘work tied’ industry personnel to access the training and accreditation in order to increase their BIM skills, utilise these in their work increasing energy efficient construction and improve their skills/employment mobility.

BIMcert Compass

Recognising the stakeholders and the key driving force in the BIM implementation, the BIMcert project will utilise the innovative BIMcert Strategy Compass. Information and advice with be collated from the target groups and key industry, technical and academic partners to develop training tools, utilising innovative delivery methods. This informed strategic direction aims to ensure successful delivery of the project’s objectives for all stakeholders. Our consortium core partners represent a mix of industry and academia, with expertise in providing BIM solutions, skills and training across the Construction Industry and supply chain.

Key facts:

Project Coordinator:
Belfast Metropolitan College


EU funding:
1,247 mil. €

Project timeline:
3/2018 – 10/2019


The core partners are a mix of industry and academia and are experts in providing BIM solutions, skills and training for the construction industry. In effect the project team and partners are a union of professional skills for energy efficiency in construction, and a modern software tool for planning, design and construction follow up (Building Information Modelling), that will enhance the effects of improved knowledge and competence

Project partners:

Belfast Metropolitan College
Technological University Dublin
Construction Industry Training Board
Instituto Superior Tecnico
Future Analytics Consulting
Institute for research in environment, civil engineering and energy
Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Disrupt or die, BIM changes everything.  Increasingly, reputations will be based on performance.  If you cannot measure it, you cannot deal with it.  BIM provides the digital technology tools to calibrate and monitor performance through a building’s life cycle.
Dr James Harty, Copenhagen School of Design & Technology

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