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Q.8Survey on industry needs and gaps is led by CITB – UK, and some of the results were consistent with the assumptions from the project conception. One of the questions further explaining the reasons for not enrolling in BIM related training revealed that time and cost are the main barriers in upskilling, almost identically in all partner countries. Differences are observed as the third most important element – lack of courses or delivery methods – where countries with lower BIM adoption levels lack the feasible course delivery options opposed to lack of relevant subject in the market with higher BIM uptake.  Inquiry into the need for the additional training additional training needshows that, where the BIM is in early stages, focus is on design and construction, and where the industry is more mature, the focus turns to the longer term benefits of Building management and Energy Efficiency.

Preferred method of learning indicated that classroom training is still the favored delivery method, colliding with the time constraints stated as the main barrier to the learning. This is clearly showing that BIMcert learning methodology should be, at least in the part, developing the comfort in undertaking on-line learning as adequate and equal learning method, as well as the need for a “Blended Learning” approach.

preferred method of learning



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