Innovation in Digital Design & Prototyping (3D & BIM) Breakfast morning @Met

2 FREE workshops:

BIMCert – BIM Design & Sustainability Workshop Training

Connected – 3D Workflows & Technology for Architects, Engineers and Designers

Belfast Met is hosting a morning with 2 free Workshops for industry, from 2 two innovative training programmes, for blue and white collar professionals who want to start the journey of improve their skills in current trends.

WORKSHOP 1 BIM Design and Sustainability

BIMCert, an H2020 funded programme, welcomes all professionals for an overview and training of BIM usage for efficiency and sustainability. Session will address

  • BIM usage and awareness
  • Project brief overview
  • Outline of training curriculum
  • Context & essentials of BIM – improving efficiencies for your company
  • Digital skills for Construction overview
  • BIM tools to assist design for energy for efficiency
  • BIM Readiness – assistance on first steps in BIM towards acknowledge and compliance

During and following the event, you will be able to access relevant FREE training material and the opportunity for future further FREE blended learning materials. We will request for your useful feedback in the end of the workshop to better improve our training and tailor it to your needs.

WORKSHOP 2 3D Workflows & Technology

Connected programme. Aimed for individual practitioners and SMEs (but suitable for all) the workshop will address

  • 3D workflows
  • software solutions overview
  • 3D Printing practical integration, procedures and solutions
  • 3D for visualizations- real time visualization, and VR tools

Discussion on clarification on possible funded and certified and bespoke training for your company will take place during  networking session

Registration links bellow for both workshops bellow

Workshop 1: BIM Design and Sustainability –

Workshop 2: 3D Workflows & Technology –