Digital Construction / Building Information Modelling (BIM) Trials and Testing Workshop in Dublin

Workshop Outcome: The workshop will demonstrate and showcase the latest software packages that have been developed for digital construction and BIM.

Workshop Programme:

18:00-18:10 Welcome and introductions

18:10-18:15 Curriculum Development and Map

18:15-18:40 BIM Principles, context and essentials – includes 20min trials

18:40-19:05 BIM Fundamentals, key terminology, benefits and value of BIM workflow – includes 20min trials

19:05-19:20 Demo of BIM energy assessment/ BIM tools and energy performance

19:20-19:30 BIM ready online materials

19:30-19:40 Workshop summary & evaluation

19:40-20:00 Networking and close

Who should attend?

• The event is open to all within the construction industry to attend irrespective of their role and knowledge level of digital construction.

How will the findings be used?

• The findings from the workshop will help the developers finalise the digital construction training programme and will provide you with a better insight into how you and your business can benefit at all levels