Technological University Dublin- Leading on concepts and methodologies for BIMcert

tu dublin logoTechnological University Dublin, previously Dublin Institute of Technology, are responsible for Work Package 4 of the EU Horizon 2020 Energy BIMCert project. This involves the development of methods and procedures to enable the training of diversely skilled personnel in the broad range of concepts required to maximise their learning capacity within the BIMcert training program.

The first step in delivering this objective involved a critical review of the most common and advantageous BIM delivery mechanisms that are been used to roll out BIM programmes throughout the world. This investigation provided an understanding of the eclectic types of BIM courses on offer around the globe, both class room based and online. The results of this report were discussed at the 2nd BIMCert partners meeting held in Zagreb in June. The next stage involved the cross referencing of the results from this exercise with the findings from the BIMCert Survey. The general consensus was that the most sought after teaching practice should involve a scaffolded learning environment which would enable a more supervised and progressive learning structure for the student until they feel comfortable to advance to the next level. This should be delivered primarily through a series of instructor led live lectures, to be complimented through Problem Based Leaning, Design For Disassembly and self-guided learning which will create the active learning environment sought by the survey participants. The results from the reports and survey helped to stimulate a number of further suggestions from the BIMCert Team which has ultimately resulted in the production of a rolling matrix of concepts and methodologies that can be used to deliver the final curriculum. Moving forward, TU Dublin will work with the BIMCert consortium to help set the curriculum that will best achieve the needs of the industry.

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