An insight into the McAvoy Group , BIM Contractor of the Year at UK BIM awards

In this article I look at the latest techniques for digitising construction and how new technology is taking offsite construction to the next level, the application of which, has led to McAvoy’s 4th award; BIM Contractor of the Year at the BIM Awards 2019, in recognition of our pioneering work in applying digital technology to offsite construction.

Lorraine Mc Morrow,
BIM and Digital Construction Manager, Mc Avoy Group

The McAvoy Group is one of the UK’s leading offsite construction specialists. An independent, family-owned business and established principal contractor, McAvoy has been providing bespoke offsite solutions and interim modular buildings for nearly 50 years, spanning several sectors including education, healthcare, commercial and residential.

Innovation and technology are key drivers behind all of McAvoy’s operations and BIM is an increasingly critical element in its design and programme planning. McAvoy’s were the first offsite contractor to achieve BIM Level 2 certification through the BRE Group and harnessing BIM enables McAvoy to achieve optimum energy efficiency, through intelligent virtual design team collaboration, enhanced manufacturing and site installation methodologies, earlier engagement with stakeholders and better management of resources.

McAvoy’s were recently awarded BIM Contractor of the Year at the BIM Awards 2019. According to the judges, “The BIM Awards judging panel selected The McAvoy Group’s award submission based on its thorough interpretation of its achievements in BIM delivery. There is clearly an excellent strategic-level interest in the use of BIM in its offsite operations and we saw that McAvoy is doing things differently from other contractors, which gave it the edge to winning this award. We also felt there was a future direction and forward-thinking nature to the submission. A well-deserved winner.”

Eugene Lynch, CEO of The McAvoy Group, said, “We have invested significantly in our IT infrastructure. Our digital strategy and commitment to innovation are fundamental to achieving our ambitious plans for growth. The benefits to our customers and supply chain partners of the new technologies are proven – from enhanced collaboration in the design process to improving communications and co-ordination at project level.

“To receive such an important industry award is just fantastic and further well-deserved recognition of the talents and commitment of our brilliant innovation, design, production and project teams who have embraced a host of new technologies.”

McAvoy is now applying the digital transformation to its manufacturing operations and is looking at how immersive technology and robotics can be used to further enhance training and production efficiency, exploring how factory operatives could receive instructions via wearable devices or tablets in 3D.

As a business, McAvoy sees tremendous opportunities for digitising offsite construction, particularly to help us address the industry challenges of meeting the ambitious targets set out in the Government’s Construction 2025 Strategy.

As advances in digital technology continue to improve, we can only see even greater benefits to our customers, users and stakeholders in the facilities we design and construct offsite.

Lorraine Mc Morrow,

BIM and Digital Construction Manager, Mc Avoy Group

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