Project Objective

BIMcert is a European wide project, funded by The European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, aimed at providing a training and qualification scheme for the skills required to support the implementation of BIM across the construction supply chain.
The Construction Industry, including its supply chain, is a significant contributor to the European economy. However, the Built environment is recognised as one of the largest consumers of natural resources, producers of carbon emissions and source of energy wastage. To improve the sustainability of the Built Environment and energy efficiency, a more coordinated approach to enhance collaboration is required across the industry. Building Information
Modelling (BIM) provides a collaborative design, build and manage processes that offers the opportunity for improved efficiencies for the Construction Industry in energy, materials and time. BIM can reduce waste, inefficiencies in the supply chain, improve coordination and management, while incorporating better, more suitable and more sustainable design choices and decision making.

This project will:

Embedded energy

• Enable collaborative working to improve design, development and delivery of both new build and renovation construction projections, whilst supporting energy efficient near zero buildings

Operational Energy

• Achieve efficient and effective ongoing management of the building in terms of energy and fabric

Sustainable Energy

• Utilise Building Information Modelling (BIM), and virtual construction as the enabling methodology and tool to achieve sustainable energy efficient construction

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