Instituto Superior Técnico visits the Centre for Professional Training in Construction

IST is doing  important work at a national level in Portugal to support the introduction of BIM into the existing training programs for professionals. The objective is to create new and updated certifications for the industry, which should be aligned with the BIMcert framework. In this sense, IST is working to establish several partnerships with centres for professional training and the National Institute of Employment and Professional Training. In our photographs you can see images from our last visit to the Centre for Professional Training in Construction (CENFIC), which wants to upgrade the existing certifications to include BIM. Antonio Aguiar Costa, from BIMcert partner IST , said: “It was fantastic to see the motivation of CENFIC’s Director and his team towards the modernization of the training  and certification programs. Digital competencies are increasingly important and a major concern for the industry. Human resources must be updated and be prepared for the new paradigm as soon as possible.”

By Antonio Aguiar Costa

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