Shortage of foremen in Ireland

Mitchell MCDermott consultants in their report are concluding that shortage of experienced foremen to manage building teams and sites is driving up costs in construction industry in Ireland. informs based on report that an office block that would have cost about €20m to build in 2015, would cost €25m now.
“Ireland’s construction sector is now employing about 147,000 workers, but business lobby group Ibec said last summer that an additional 80,000 workers are needed in the sector to meet housing demand.”

Shortage of construction workers in Croatia

Construction entrepreneur mr. Kamenski stated for NovaTV that there is a major shortage of cinstruction workers. “there are no workers neither in Croatia nor in neghbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina. We managed to find some in Albania. Problems with import arise as they don’t have adequate knowledge and competences necessary for project realization”

BIMcert will train workers in BIM skills needed for contemporary building processes. Could robotization in construction and BIM be the answer to worker shortage?

Why should you involve with BIMcert?

Jewel Changi Airport by Safdie Architects is up allready, and will be running before the end of April, housing nature under the glass and steel dome. Ever more complex facilities are being built, driving us towards the best available tools to handle the design and construction process. Unable to control the nature and human behaviour causing the climate change to accelerate exponentially, we are building habitats that mock the natural elements in most pleasing manner. But we have to do it effectively, managing the building process the best possible way, and here is the reason why BIM and digital construction is irreplaceable.