IECE Macedonia’s paper on Energy Efficiency accepted by International Symposium

IECE are continuing to grow interest in BIM through their Work Package 5. Dijana Likar from the IECE project team pointed out that  IECE’s paper ‘Application of BIM for improvement of energy efficiency throughout complete life cycle of buildings –project BIMcert funded by Horizon 2020’ has been accepted by the committee of the International Symposium ‘Energetics 2018’ and will be presented during the conference in October. There is a growing interest within the construction industry  in Macedonia in the adoption of BIM. IECE has been invited to participate in the kick-off meeting of the project TRAINEE, led by Engineering Institution of Macedonia. The main theme of the Trainee project is reducing gaps between designed and achieved performances of buildings. The project leader has expressed interest for collaboration between the two projects. Indeed members of IECE’s focus group, consisting of representatives of Macedonian Chamber of certified architects and engineers and Macedonian Chamber of Economy, have expressed interest to join the program and participate actively in the project communication activities.