Weather data for energy simulations

Climate.Onebuilding.Org – Creators of EPW published new sets od climate data for building energy simulations. Particularly interesting for regions previously lacking data in appropriate format – e.g. Europe Region 6. Croatia is now covered with dozens of weather data locations, which will improve the quality of energy simulations and build the confidence in BEM tools for building energy simulations.

BIM use in practice

Architect’s Council of Europe ACE published the 2018 Sector Study – a biennial survey that collects and analyses statistical, sociological and economic data on the European Architects, the architectural market and the architectural practices.

Responses from 30.000 Architects in 30 European countries give, among others, information on BIM use in practice. BIM use in projects: UK 39%; Ireland 29%; Croatia 28%; Portugal 24%, no data on Macedonia available in the study.  More interestingly, practices not aware of BIM: Ireland 0%; UK 2%; Croatia 4%; Portugal 39%?

BIMcert survey

Just a reminder – BIMcert survey on the current status of knowledge and skills of BIM and sustainability aspects of construction industry, their interest in upskilling to a modern software based approach for more effective construction and their favoured model and methods of learning and improving professional and applied skills will be open throughout the project in English, Portuguese, Macedonian and Croatian language.